Dates of Issue

The Old Cornish Mine matchboxes were available between 1962 and 1967.

The very first Old Cornish Mine matchbox was Rosemergy Mine (#1b) which was issued on 14th September 1962 with 36 average contents.

In 1963 two boxes with 36 average contents were issued : Dolcoath (#10) and Heroic (#45).

Starting in January 1964 seven more average contents 36 boxes were issued : Two Pennies (#5), Carn Camborne (#11), Carn Brea (#12), Botallack (#17), Swan Pool (#20), Hayle (#27) and Falcon Hotel (#30).

In September 1965 the average contents was reduced to 35, and a total of twenty boxes were issued.

In October 1966 the average contents were again reduced, to 34, and eight boxes appeared.

In 1967 the last Old Cornish Mine matchbox was issued, Mitchell’s Winding Engine (#1a).


The dates for the Related Series are :