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This website was created by Mike Pryor, Sue Pryor, Ian Blewitt, Steven Smith and Jason Titley, and we would love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions and requests. You can leave a comment by e-mailing us on :

“These are magnificent additions to label knowledge and show great dedication and care in collation of information and in the clarity of site layout which allows the data to be accessed.” The Matchbox, West and Midlands Phillumenists, December 2014

“Let me take this opportunity to firstly congratulate yourself Ian, for bringing this valuable and informative web site to the attention of all West and Midlands Phillumenists and by copy of this email I also congratulate most heartily Mike and Sue Pryor for the web site preparation, yourself and Mike for putting the documentation together, Steven Smith for supplying information and illustrations and finally Jason Titley for his design and implementation of the web site.  A truly fantastic job all round.  Very well done indeed.” Anthony Samson, 9 December 2014

“I would be pleased to speak with you and share your interest in our brand which still generates interest after nearly 50 years from when I commenced trading.I do have a set of original artworks for a series on Cunard ships issued by a friend at Thames Match Company as well as skillets from our sister company Britannia Match Ltd. Kentish Match Company still sells matches and many other products for the convenience stores.” Grahame Smith, 24 September 2014

“Hullo from 7143. Thank you for your very well organised wed-site. Great to compare with my own Cornish labels. While on holiday in Cornwall, many years ago, I was lucky enough to visit David van der Plank in his home and get a conducted tour of his vast store of labels. Amazing how his original business was run. Lorries arriving down the narrow Cornish lanes with match boxes from around the world.” Roy Gyngell, 28 July 2014

“I’m from Denmark and I am also collecting the Old Cornish Mine labels. I don’t have them all, but that’s why this site is very interesting for me.
If you like to take a look at a part of my Collection, please feel free to visit my website:” Tandberg, 18 June 2014

“A well set out site, full of information for the Cornish Mine collector. Well done to all involved.” Ken Williamson, 11 June 2014

“Great site Mike, I am sure it is going to be a great source of information to other matchbox collectors.” Alan Downer, 17 May 2014