Steven Smith

Steven’s interest in matchboxes started as a 7 year old. He lived in a seaside town and walked with his friend daily along the seafront and quayside of the busy port to collect matchboxes that were discarded by the visiting holidaymakers and sailors. They of course brought matchboxes from different regions and countries and over the years the numbers of matchboxes increased. Not only was Steven acquiring matchboxes himself, he was also assisted by family and friends picking up matchboxes on their travels.

He then placed an advert in the newspapers to see if people had matchbox collections they wanted to sell, and successfully bought collections from people who replied and also found out about the British Matchbox Label and Booklet SocietyThen a few years ago, Steven was in the very fortunate position of being able to buy the definitive collection of Cornish Match Company issues and Old Cornish Mine labels, and he now has one of the most impressive collections in the world.

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