Mike and Sue Pryor

Mike began collecting matchboxes in 1965, encouraged by his cousin whose parents owned a newspaper and tobacconists shop in Newquay, Cornwall.  Between newspaper rounds Mike helped unwrap the matchboxes from their gross and dozen packets, where he became fascinated by the Old Cornish Mine labels and kept them for his nascent collection.

When visiting David and Rosemarie van der Plank in 1972 to buy some old Spanish labels Mike saw the original paintings for the Old Cornish Mine series hanging on their wall and ever since has wanted to share his love of this evocative series with other collectors. This web site is the result of his obsession.

Mike is a member of the British Matchbox Label and Booklet Society and regularly contributes articles on Spanish labels to their magazine.

Although not a collector herself, Sue has used her artistic expertise to help design this web site and ensure it looks good.

You can contact Mike on : mike@old-cornish-mines.co.uk